voice1 W1S2 [vɔıs] n
4 speak with one voice
6 the voice of reason/experience etc
8 inner voice
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: vois, from Latin vox]
1.) ¦(SPEAKING)¦ [U and C]
the sounds that you make when you speak, or the ability to make these sounds
He recognized her voice instantly.
I could hear angry voices in the next room.
He called out in a loud voice .
Angela has a really deep voice for a woman.
I could tell from his tone of voice that he wasn't impressed.
Did he ever lose his temper, ever raise his voice ?
She lowered her voice so Alex couldn't hear.
Keep your voice down - the baby's asleep!
Jack's got a cold, and he's lost his voice .
She banged on the door, yelling at the top of her voice .
Her voice trembled and tears rose to her eyes.
2.) ¦(SINGING)¦
a) [U and C]
the quality of sound you produce when you sing
Sophie's got a lovely singing voice
a person singing
a piece written for six voices and piano
3.) ¦(OPINION)¦
a) [singular, U]
the right or ability to express an opinion, to vote, or to influence decisions
Parents should have a voice in deciding how their children are educated.
an opinion or wish that is expressed
The government needs to listen to the voice of middle-class Americans.
a fair, democratic society, in which individuals are able to make their voice heard (=express their opinion so that people notice it)
Since the new program was introduced, there have been some dissenting voices (=people expressing disagreement) .
Senator Prior spoke out, adding her voice to the call for new laws to protect the environment.
4.) speak with one voice
if a group of people speak with one voice, they all express the same opinion
5.) ¦(REPRESENTATIVE)¦ [singular]
a person, organization, newspaper etc that expresses the opinions or wishes of a group of people
voice of
The senator is the voice of the religious right.
6.) the voice of reason/experience etc
opinions or ideas that are reasonable, based on experience etc, or someone who has these ideas
Ben, as ever, has been the voice of reason throughout the whole crisis.
7.) ¦(FEELINGS)¦
give voice to sth
to express your feelings or thoughts
Participants are encouraged to give voice to their personal hopes, fears and dreams.
8.) inner voice
thoughts or feelings that you do not express but seem to warn, criticize, or advise you
My inner voice told me to be cautious.
9.) ¦(GRAMMAR)¦
active/passive voice
technical the form of a verb that shows whether the subject of a sentence does an action or has an action done to it
COLLOCATES for sense 1
in a ... voice
loud voice
quiet/soft/low/small voice
deep/low voice
high voice
somebody's tone of voice (=the quality of someone's voice that shows how they feel)
raise your voice (=speak more loudly)
lower/drop your voice (=speak more quietly)
keep your voice down (=used to tell someone to speak more quietly)
lose your voice (=be unable to speak because you have a cold)
at the top of your voice (=in a very loud voice)
somebody's voice breaks/cracks/shakes/trembles (=it sounds rough or unsteady because they are afraid, upset etc)
somebody's voice breaks (=a boy's voice changes and becomes deep like a man's)
voice 2
voice2 v [T]
1.) to tell people your opinions or feelings about a particular subject
The senator voiced concern at how minorities and immigrants are treated in California.
She angrily voiced her objections.
2.) technical to produce a sound with a movement of the ↑vocal cords as well as the breath

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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